⋆。˚ miffy tissue box cover template (free!) ⋆。˚🐰🌼

i used punchneedle embroidery to create a tissue box cover.
it features Miffy, Melanie, an apple, and a flower! 🐰🍎⚘

you can watch the steps I used in this youtube video!
if you want to give this a go, here is the free printable template.

you may have to adjust the measurements a little bit, depending on the size of your tissue box!
i tried to use a standard tissue box.

here are my measurements:
top and bottom of the box: ~4.25in x ~4.25in
sides of the box: ~4.25in x ~5.0in

if you do decide to make this and share it online, please tag me:-) 
i would love to see how it turned out!!

happy crafting!! xo

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