🌙 free black cat pouch template :3 🐈‍⬛

hello~ it's officially september. :3 are you in a cozy crafty mood to ring in the upcoming spooky season? 

i sure am. what's better than an adorable spooky black cat? they are one of my favourite mascots of autumn and halloween. ;p🖤 so i made a mini punchneedle pouch that's in the shape of a scrunkly silly cat.

you can watch the steps I used in this youtube video! if you want to give this a go, here is the free printable template.

here are the measurements for the pouch:
width: 5 inches
length: 3.5 inches 

if you do decide to make this and share it online, please tag me:-) 
i would love to see how it turned out!!


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